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A Tribute to The Wilhelmina J


Bored of Southsea pay homage to the six men that lost their lives at sea on board the Wilhelmina J on April the 10th 1991 with this t shirt.

A percentage of the profits will be donated to a charity which supports family's that have lost members of their family at sea and provides help and support to the 1.5 million men and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat. (Mission To Seafarers - Registered charity no: 1123613)


Wilhelmina J, a 26m beam trawler left Portsmouth on April 9, 1991, to trawl for scallops in the English Channel near fishing grounds known as Horseshoe Bank. But at 2am on April 10, the vessel was involved in a collision during foggy conditions with MV Zulfikar, a 142m Cyprus-registered cargo ship.

All six members of the Portsmouth boat were lost at sea.

A 1992 investigation into what happened said the most likely cause of the collision was a failure by Zulfikar and a possible failure by Wilhelmina J to obtain early radar warning of the risk of collision and take avoiding action

The six men who died were; Jeff Alan Venters, Michael James Bell, Mark Warwick Fitz, Christopher Clifford Thomas, Guy Ransom Davies and Matthew James Hodge.

Their names are on a plaque in Old Portsmouth Fishermans Quay, a memorial in the Old Portsmouth cathedral and a plaque in the Bridge Tavern pub

'Many Waters Cannot Quench Love, Neither Can The Floods Drown It'


For futher information about the incident you can read: Report of the Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents into the collision between the Fishing Vessel WILHELMINA J and MV ZULFIKAR with the loss of six lives on 10 April 1991











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