Blog - All New Store Designs For Summer 16

All New Store Designs For Summer 16


All new for Summer 2016, we've released a range of fresh designs for the season. With art work coming from the likes of Justin Poulter, David Millard and Will Chu, we're really stoked on them and hope you're feeling them too. First up is the "Let's Dance" t-shirt, which is a tribute to David Bowie with our re-working of his "Let's Dance" album art work. His artwork has been ripped off many times before, but we loved the design by David Millard and thought it would be a fitting tribute to one of our favourites. Available in grey here - £25.


Our next offering, the "Keeping Things Tight" t-shirt was designed by longtime friend of the store and illustrator Justin Poulter. Drawing inspiration from classic signage and grease monkey Americana. Although we've known Justin for a while this is the first time that he's done a shop shirt for us, and it's a banger. Available in Black short, and longsleeve and White short sleeve -£25 and £30. To see more about this design, Justin's work and interview with him click here. 

Keeping_Things_Tight_1Keeping_Things_Tight_2Keeping_Things_Tight_3Being based by the sea we often like to pay homage to the city's heritage, so we thought that we'd like to give a nod to the local fisherman with this t-shirt that took it's inspiration from the fishing trawlers in the nearby port and iconic image associated with them. They come in White short sleeve and longsleeve options, £25 - £30.

Trawler_Tee_1Trawler_Tee_2Trawler_Tee_3The last of our new designs is "Greetings from the Bronx" by William Chiu a local designer, skater and friend of the store. This design takes inspiration from the city's tourism roots, as well as our very own Southsea Bronx Strong Island t-shirt and it's popularity in the local community. Available here in black short sleeve - £25


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