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We've teamed up with Theobalds Cap Co to bring you the this very limited "No Ones Rides For Free" cap. October this year marks our 20th year of business, so we wanted to work together with Theobalds to bring you something that has meaning to us here in Southsea, being the hovercraft. The hovercraft first started in Southsea in 1965 by 'Hovertravel' which links us to Ryde in the Isle of Wight, not only is 'Hovertravel' the oldest hovercraft operator in the world, it is also belived to be unique in western europe. With 50 years plus under it's belt it has become just one thing Southsea / Portsmouth is famous for. The cap comes in one colour being Khaki which we based on the beach here being stone, alongside that the front embroidery with "No One Rides For Free" tends to spring two things to mind, one from here to the isle of wight is probably the most expensive crossing known to man (don't hold us to that) and two being that through the blood sweat and tears of our busniess, we are still here 20 years on. Signed off with a Bored x Theos back embroidery. 

Massive thanks to the guys at Theobalds for working with us and everyone involved to make this happen. Not to mention you guys for supporting us for so long. 

Here's to another 20!

Photography: Stewart Capper




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