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Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema Video Archive


Girl and Chocolate Skateboards have just launched their Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema Video archive site, for us all to enjoy some of the greatest and most influential skate videos of all time. Since they started Girl Skateboards twenty five years ago they've never stopped innovating, inspiring and having fun. The site hosts all of their full length films as well as tour videos, everything from Goldfish way back back in 1994 and Mouse with it's legendary skits, as well as the epic Yeah Right. With Spike Jonze at the helm with his unmistakable style and humour, then the recruitment of Ty Evans who brought new levels of technical innovation to their work there's no wonder that these films had the impact on skateboarding that they did. Then infront of the camera many of the best known names in skateboarding came through with now legendary parts, such as Keenan Milton, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Paul Rodriguez, B.A, Marc Johnson, Gino Ianucci, Guy Mariano and many more. The site is great and has hours of quality viewing on there, so if you haven't seen them then do yourself a favour. This is just another thing skateboarding has to thank Rick, Mike, Spike and Meg for. Buy Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards online at Bored of Southsea.

Girl Films + Chocolate Cinema Video Archive


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