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Isle x Carhartt - Paving Space


To coincide with the recent Carhartt WIP and Isle Skateboards collaboration they have also worked with artist Raphael Zarka on a series of moveable geometeric shapes that are equal parts art installation and skateable objects. When originally asked if he would like to work with the two companies Zarka had been researching the 19th Century methematician Arthur Moritz Schoenflies who's work envolved interlocking geometric shapes, which had caught Zarka's eye due to it's sculptural and skateable potential. So they came together to set about recreating these on a larger scale, then exhibited and skated at the Palais de Tokyo, Institute of Modern Art in Singapore and Sainte Croix Museum in Poitiers. This video follows the entire process from start to finish, and features Nick Jensen, Sylvain Tognelli, Casper Brooker, Joseph Biais, Chris Jones, Rémy Taveira, Josh Paul, Jan Kliewer and filmed and edited by Dan Magee. Shop Carhartt WIP and Isle Skateboards at Bored. 


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