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Levis Skateboarding Collection In Christchurch


After a huge earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand back in 2011 with 185 people losing their lives and thousands that had their homes destroyed. Along with everything and everyone else the skate community took a massive hit.  So inspired by some of the other projects that Levi's Skateboarding has got involved with throughout the world (Bolivia and Dekota), some of the skaters from Christchurch got in touch with Levis to see if they could help the local kids to bring their local skate scene back to life. They were, and together built and entire D.I.Y skatepark for the towns children and sent along Levi's Skateboarding ambassadors Al Partanen, Joey Pepper, Josh Matthews, Marius Slvanen and Dan Plunkett to lend a hand and help out the locals with the build. Check out the video below to hear the full story. Shop here for all Levi's Skateboarding Collection at Bored of Southsea. 



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