Blog - Levi's Skateboarding in Detroit

Levi's Skateboarding in Detroit


The latest Levi's Skateboarding project see's it's ambassadors head to Detroit to team up with the local skaters to built a new DIY spot in the city, and try to help regenerate the scene since the towns downturn in fortune. The city has seen many dramatic changes over the last 10 years, and now the golden years of motor city with all of it's industry and the home of Motown seem long gone. But now the creative community is attempting to breath new life in to downtown, so what better place for the Levi's Skateboarding crew to head and lend a hand for the cause. They will also be heading back later in the year to partner in the build of a full skatepark, so it'll be great to see what can be done for these guys next to help their city. Buy Levi's Skateboarding at Bored of Southsea. 


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