Blog - Levis Skateboarding - Skateboarding in Puerto Penãsco

Levis Skateboarding - Skateboarding in Puerto Penãsco


For their Fall 16 campaign Levis Skateboarding headed 100km south of the boarder to Puerto Penãsco, Mexico. The area was a fishing village that became popular with tourists, but since the financial crash has fallen on tougher times. So once Levis found out about a group of young local skaters that were trying to get help from skate shops and non-profit organizations across the boarder in Arizona to help them try to kickstart their scene, Levis couldn't wait to get involved and sent Marius Syvanen, Dan Plunkett, Al Partanen, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper and Pat Moran down to lend a hand getting a new concrete park built for them. As always these builds are a perfect backdrop to showcase the new Fall 16 collection, so be sure to watch the edit below. Shop for all Levis Skateboarding here at Bored of Southsea. 


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