Blog - Levi's Skateboarding x The Byrrrh and Skate Project

Levi's Skateboarding x The Byrrrh and Skate Project


Levi's Skateboarding continue their support of grassroots skateboarding, this time joining forces with The Byrrrh & Skate Project to build a D.I.Y indoor skatepark in an old abandoned factory on the outskirts of Brussells. Much like all of us in this part of the world when the bad weather kicks in there's no indoor skateparks or spots whithin hours of you, so when they heard about Joussef Abaoud his ongoing efforts to create an indoor park for the skaters of Brussels the team at Levi's thought it would be a great project to get behind.

After years of Joussef and friends making obsticales in empty buildings for them then to be shut down once they buildings were sold, so his mission became to set up a permanant indoor skatepark for the skaters of Brussells and the surrounding area that they can use all year round. So once they had secured a 945m2 area under some railway arches near Gare du Midi, they quickly filled it with obstacales made out donated wood, recycled waste, confiscated ramps and concrete. Levi's sponsored the opening event with live music, a photography show and cash prizes for the skate comp. Buy Levi's Skateboarding online at Bored of Southsea.



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