Blog - Thrasher x GX1000 Capsule and Video Release

Thrasher x GX1000 Capsule and Video Release


 GX1000 has been coming through with some of the rawest and most enjoyable edits over the last couple of years. Travelling across the planet with a small army of riders such as of Al Davis, Jake Johnson, Brian Delatorre, Stevie Perez and Ben Gore and document what they put down in the streets. The limited edition DVD and photo book along with the Thrasher collection will be available from Saturday 28th May, so you've gotta move quick on this. Thrasher Magazine owner Tony Vitello said a few words about the GX1000 video:

Skateboarding is a crime. You can dress it up in Street League sponsorships or legally sanctioned skateparks, but the truth lives in the streets.

Ryan Garshell approached me about working on a full-length GX1000 video about 18 months back, and honestly, I can't think of anything else I would rather see.

San Francisco is equal parts paradise and battlefield. Name another place where landing a trick often means the saga has just begun. The real finish line is at the bottom of that hill.

We'll be premiering the video in San Francisco in April, but most importantly, we're making it available to you in hard copy. Something you can hold onto forever.

Something that will make your heart race like that first time you ran from the cops and realised that nothing in the world could ever compare to the life of a skateboarder.

To keep you going until the release you can check out their last Mastertape edit below. Shop for GX1000 here at Bored of Southsea. 



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