Bored Goes HiFi - Adam Keys

Bored Goes HiFi - Adam Keys

Shop rider and all round fun guy Adam Keys has dropped a party mix for Bored Goes HiFi - 02...

Shop rider and all round fun guy Adam Keys has dropped a party mix for Bored Goes HiFi - 02

For the latest Bored Goes HiFi - 02 we have OG shop rider, 14:01 Skateboard Co, Thunder Trucks representative and all round fun guy Adam Keys has dropped a party mix for us to get down to. When he's not skating the perfect skate spots and parks in Barcelona our man overseas likes to drop tunes and throw shapes, so we were stoked when he told us he wanted to make us a mix. We asked him a few accompanying questions to get in his head and find out what he's up to. 


Photo: Craig Dodds (@duddle_it)

First of all, cheers for doing us a mix mate! Not only have you skated for the store for nearly a decade, you're a man of many talents! Give us a little insight as to why you've chosen to do a disco mix for us, we thought you more of a hip hop head to be honest!

No Problem! Yeah my real interest for music started with hip-hop and for years that was all I’d listen to, but since my early 20’s I started going on trips to Ibiza with friends and such, which is where I discovered House music, which has been my ‘go to’ genre of music to play since. I chose to throw together a disco mix as I have been playing quite a lot of disco recently and I think it has that kind of vibe that you can listen to it in any environment, whether you’re at work or in that horrible limbo of a 6 a.mhouse party. Disco is always a winner.  


Photo: Kyle Fletcher (@kylefletcherr)

You live in Barcelona now, what have you been up to whilst you're over there? We heard you and your new mate Chris Haslam go skate a mini ramp together.

Yeah, I've been living over here for just over a year now, its an amazing place. I pretty much just go skateboarding everyday which is great. I've been working on many filming projects over the last year for Thunder Trucks and 1401 Skateboards, which I'm stoked on, and they have certainly been much easier to achieve with the Spanish terrain and weather. The music scene is also very good, often we get to go to events and see some awesome DJs. Shadow Child who was on the last edition of ‘Bored Goes HIFI’ has played over here a couple of times and we make sure that we go and see him play. It’s always a good night, he is one of our favourite DJ’s and producers for sure.

Haha, yeah, I’ve skated with Chris at the local mini ramp spot a few times. He is incredible on a skateboard and a very down to earth and humble chap off one.


Photo: Kyle Fletcher (@kylefletcherr)

We're pretty stoked that not only do you ride for the store, but you also jumped at the chance to make our second Bored Goes HiFi. Cheers Fella!! We are gonna do something different this time and throw some Top 3's at you. Ready?


Top 3 Professional Skaters

Wes Kremer

Ryan Gallant

Tiago Lemos


Top 3 Local Skateboarders in Barcelona 

Kevin Passion Barry

Julian Cochrane

Everyone I skate with, and all the guys that come here on holiday rip.


Top 3 Hair Cuts you've given from Keyz Cutz

Yeah I do hair cuts, you will get that with me…


Julian Cochrane the strong Dominican fade.

Mikey “highest weight category” Hickey the Godly undercut.

Alun Webb the ‘year 6 trip to Legoland short back and sides’.


Top 3 Meals you cook

Roast dinner.


Vegetarian Fry-up.


Top 3 Instagram accounts to follow





Worst Instagram account to follow



Photo: Craig Dodds (@duddle_it) 

Top 3 most gnarly things you've seen happen in Barcelona, skateboarding or not.

There is a Tranny bar in El Raval called ‘Madame Jasmine’s’, which I'm sure that most Barca heads are aware of. Last week I was in there with a few friends, it was a pretty messy night and we ended up there some how. As I was taking a sip of my drink I heard a few cheers going on, so I looked up to find out it was due to my house mate, who had self-kegged, and was walking around the bar naked. No explanation. Just happened. His nudity didn’t really seem to be a problem, it was only when he touched a decorative flamingo that he was asked to leave.


People having sex on the regular around MACBA day and night. A couple actually managed to nail it on top of the sculpture outside the museum recently, pretty impressive to be fair.


The recent terrorist attack on Las Ramblas was obviously a gnarly event. Thankfully we weren't too close to Las Ramblas at the time it all happened but had been earlier that day. Such sad news to hear about all the affected people and their families. It really is such an eye opener when something like that happens so close to home. Although it was amazing to see the length that people were going to to help out in anyway which they could. Big respect.


Top 3 favourite bars in Barcelona


Africa Bar.

Sub Rosa.


Top 3 favourite spots



3 banks Mollet Sant Rosa.


Top 3 favourite DJ’s

This is always changing… But if I had to pick 3…


Seth Troxler.

Motor City Drum Ensemble.


Top 3 things you miss about England (if any)

Mint sauce.

My family.

Monster Munch.


Thanks AK!


00:00 Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirt (Claptone Remix)

04:41 Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin’

11:42 Ben Stanton -Poison Arrow (Concrete Music)

17:35 Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

20:56 Lapsley - Operator (DJ Koze’s Extended mix)

25:27 Soulsearcher - Can Get Enough (Original Mix)

29:57 D’Julz - Ze Box

34:55 Richard Burton - Bad Luck (DJ Spen Bootleg Remix)

40:26 Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing (Original 1997)

46:38 Loose Change - Strait From The Heart (Joey Negro Remix)

50:23 Venus Dobson - Shining (DS ReWork)