Bored of Southsea is an independent skate shop with over twenty-six years experience in the UK skateboard industry and many more as skateboarders, and we can help you with all of your skateboarding wants and needs. Whether you're just starting out and looking to buy a complete skateboard for beginners, or an experienced skater looking for some new hardware for your set-up. Generally skateboards are made up of a deck (the board), two trucks (the metal under-carriages), 4 wheels, 8 bearings, hardware (8 bolts) and griptape for the top of the deck. We stock a wide choice of all skateboard parts and hardware from loads of the best skate brands on the market. One of the most important things to remember when choosing is that it's all about personal preference and comfort, but it's worth baring in mind that if you are small / young, then it may be better if your deck / skateboard is on the smaller side too. To help you out with some of these choices if you're not already familiar, we have full explanations of all the component parts below.