Bored Goes HiFi - Shadow Child

Bored Goes HiFi - Shadow Child

We bring to you the very first Bored Goes HiFi. No better way to kick it off with Portsmouths very...

We bring to you the very first Bored Goes HiFi. No better way to kick it off with Portsmouths very own Shadow Child.

Heres the first of our new music series "Bored Goes HiFi", Firstly we kick it off with Shadow Child. He has been one of our most loyal customers since day dot. Known in the music world for his House, Rinse FM residency every Wednesday 9PM - 11PM and former "Dave Spoon" of Radio 1. He's here to kick things off with this 2 hour, yes 2 hour Jungle D&B mix.

We asked Shadow Child to tell us why he has strayed away from the usual. 

So, tell us! why a Jungle D&B mix? We were expecting a House mix! haha

Having recently moved away from Southsea to Cambridge, and thinking about my musical roots on the south coast, it all comes back to 1 thing - Jungle / DnB! House & techno are my thing these days, but any opportunity to put together the music that influenced me so much whilst growing up here, is a pleasure.. and the pairing here with my friends at Bored is just the perfect way to present it.
Sounds like a good enough reason for us mate, 2 hours though? we weren't expecting that! you went in!
I couldn't stop recording at 1 hour, it was too much fun playing all the original vinyl, so you got 2 hours! A lot of these actual records were originally bought in Portsmouth, at shops like Jelly Jam, Domino & Fusion. The happy hardcore thing was massive in the city 92-95 - which is testament to the Fusion guys - but I couldn't get into the speeded up vocals and cheesy pianos. For me it was all about the breakbeats and also the darker vibe of Jungle and DnB as it later became. The great thing was, all the locals bought those Happy Hardcore records and I was left with the cream of the Jungle! There wasn't any better place for it at the time and it's been wicked putting this together. I just play House usually, but recently did a 1 off set at Fabric for my mate S.P.Y's EP launch. There was no recording made, so this one's uniquely for Bored!
We are stoked to have you on our first Bored Goes HIFI, we thought we'd do a quick fire 10 questions for a bit of fun.
Here we go, ready?

1) Adidas or Nike

Nike (81-87 + reissues)

2) Beer or Spirits

Beer, specifically Chang beer!

3) Oasis or Stone Roses


4) Drum or Bass


5) Dairy Milk or Galaxy

Galaxy, since Kraft ruined the other

6) Mini Cooper or Beatle


7) Cat or Dog


8) Ibiza or Napa


9) Vinyl or Digital


10) Roland or Korg


Cheers mate!

Its been a pleasure