Bored of Southsea x Focus

Bored of Southsea x Focus

We reach our hands across the nation to join forces and collab with Focus in Scotland

We've teamed up to share some brotherly love with fellow UK independent skate shop Focus, Edinburgh. Scotlands best known skate shop has been in been in business since 2001, with the aim of promoting Scottish skateboarding and being at the center of the skate community. So when we reached out to Sibs he was was immediately down to produce a limited run of colaboration tee's and sweats, with the Bored of Southsea x Focus products available in both stores and on both websites.


Inspiration for the design came from the concept of friendly competition, which in turn led to team mascots and the iconic designs that were seen in U.S college football. And the king of college football mascots was the little known artist Arthur Evans, an ex-Disney employee who was the head artist for Angelus Pacific Co. A merchandising company from Fullerton that he worked at from 1932 until 1977, and between those years Evans single handedly designed around 90% of the college mascots.


The two mascots we settled on for the Bored x Focus collab design were a seagul for Bored as we're a seaside city and have featured plenty of seaguls before on old shop tee's, so that was easy. And after much thought we settled on a beefed up Highland Cow to represent Focus, Edinburgh and their hardy scene. Our resident designer David Millard worked his magic to create a super collegiate mascot face-off design that Arthur Evans himself would've made for us. We decided to keep it as collegiate as could and went for a one colour forest green front print on a white t-shirt, and heather grey sweatshirt.


The Bored of Southsea x Focus T-Shirt and Sweatshirt will be available in-store at Bored and Focus from 9.30am Saturday 23rd October, then available online on both websites from 2pm onward on the same day.