Dickies Euro Skate Tour - Southsea

Dickies Euro Skate Tour - Southsea

Check out what went down when the Dickies Euro Skate Tour landed in Southsea on it's only UK stop Last...

Check out what went down when the Dickies Euro Skate Tour landed in Southsea on it's only UK stop

Last weekend saw the Dickies European Skate Tour touch down in Southsea, with Dickies UK pro rider Tom Knox spending the day with us for a shop signing, demo, skate jam and after party. We were extremely stoked to be picked as the only UK stop of there European tour, not to mention having one of our favourite skaters come and hang out, skate, watch the England game and eat a pizza with all the local skaters.


We started off the Dickies take over day with Tom first coming to the store for a signing and hang out before everyone headed along to Milton Skatepark for the fun to kick off properly. Our little local park is pretty rough to say the least, but thankfully Tom is no stranger to grimey UK skateparks and was cruising around like a boss dropping 10 trick lines in no time. 


Due to the tour date falling on the same day as the England v Sweden World Cup quarter final match, we planned ahead and set up a TV in the shade and then hooked it up to the sound system so nobody had to miss the game or the Dickies Tour. The day was an absolute scortcher, so by the time kick-off came everyone was ready to take a well earned rest in the shade and watch the game for a bit. 


To coincide with the start of the football our good friend Gianni, owner of Circolo Pizzeria in Southsea delivered a huge stack of pies for everyone to destroy while the first half was on. Then at half time inspite of the heat and food babies all the skaters got back out in the park for the first chance to win some Dickies products with a "Best Trick Over the Driveway" comp, which saw plenty of bangers being rewarded with prizes dished out by Tom Knox.


The goodies going to for Adam Keys (who was desperate to get his hands on a new pair of 873's), Harrison Woolgar, Dougie George, Pete Johns, Peggie and Alfie Sexton. After that was done we all took another little break in the skating to watch the second half, take on vital fluids and digest some of that pizza. 


After a victorious second half for England the locals were amped for action and wanted to win more prizes Dickies, so we kicked off some games of S.K.A.T.E with the winner of that playing Tom. Then we put some of the empty pizza boxes to use and held a highest ollie contest over the boxes, and closely fought contest beween Ollie Webb and Alfie Sexton it was Ollie that managed to clear 15 pizza boxes clench the win.


To finish up the jam there was a "Best Trick on the Block" contest to dish out the last of the prizes out for the raddest moves, and again Dougie, Harrison, PJ, Guy Benge and Ollie went away with the product. But as soon as things finished up at the skatepark it was then on to our local skate friendly pub The One Eyed Dog for an after party with loads free beer tokens and skate videos playing all night, what better way to end truly great event. 


Bored would like to say a really big thank you to Dickies for very generously backing the whole event and choosing to Southsea as a tour stop, Tom Knox for coming to skate and hang out with all the kids and locals that came down. And of course a big up to all the guys that turned up to support the day, whether you joined in the jam or just turned up for the free beer and pizza we're very greatful of your support. 


Photography: Dave Millard 

Additional Photography: Jake Dicks