Lakai Puerto Rico Tour Poster

Lakai Footwear - La Flareto Rico Tour

The Lakai team including Yonnie Cruz, Stevie Perez and Simon Bannerot head down to Puerto Rico way to skate the...

A heavy crew of Lakai riders went on a trip down to the island of Puerto Rico to check out it's abundance of skate spots and parks, beaches, amazing food and good people. Yonnie Cruz's family lives there and were guides for the boys and showed them around. Also along on the tour was Simon Bannerot, Tyler "Manchild" Pacheco, Stevie Perez, Yonnie Cruz, Griffin Gass and James Capps. These guys are coming up fast and putting down some seriously good skateboarding, so scroll down to watch the video in full. Filmed and edited by Tanner Cudney.