New Balance Numeric - 12 Hours at Pitt St

New Balance Numeric - 12 Hours at Pitt St

NB Numeric takeover Pitt St Skatepark for The Skateboarder's Companion.

A week or so back a heavy crew of U.K New Balance Numeric riders desended on Portsmouths own Pitt St indoor skatepark for a takeover, organised in conjunction with The Skateboarder's Companion. The aim was simple, to film and shoot as much rad footage and photos as they can in 12 hours straight. With the incredible line-up of talent on hand this wasn't too difficult. Along on the mission was Diggs English, Cam Barr, Jeremy Jones, Will Sheerin, Evan Johnson, David Mackey, Mark Baines, Garry Woodward, and Tom Knox. As well as our guys Pete Johns & Phil Russell. Everyone came through and put it down, so head below and watch the full edit below. A huge thanks to all that were involved, hopefully you'll be back again soon.

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Photos: Leo Sharp

Filmed Josh Hallet & Ryan Gray. Edited by Ryan Gray.

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