O.W.L - Villagers: Chapter 2 (East Anglia)

O.W.L - Villagers: Chapter 2 (East Anglia)

Follow the Orwellian World Landscape crew as they head to East Anglia, in the second chapter in the "Villagers" series.

The latest video installment of the Orwellian World Landscape's "Villagers" series has gone up on the Vague Skate Mag site, with the O.W.L crew this time around heading to East Anglia, hitting up as many strange and difficult to skate spots as they can. Along on the trip was U.K Chocolate Skateboards riders, Dougie George and Dan Fisher-Eustance. As well as Cal Dawson, Vlad Kalynin, Jimmy Silver & Al Hodgson. And of course Harrison Woolgar, looking fresh in those DC Shoes.

If you'd like to read more about the mission, there's an accompanying Villagers article in Vague Mag issue 27, so be sure to pick up a copy in your local skate shop.

Filmed & Edited by: Al Hodgson