Pete Johns - MUSH

Pete Johns - MUSH

Watch "MUSH", the new full part from Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks and Bored of Southsea store rider Pete Johns.

Girl Skateboards, Royal Trucks and Bored of Southsea store rider Pete Johns has been working hard in the streets stacking footage for a while now, and he's just come through with this fully pinched new all killer part "MUSH". Filmed and edited by Luke Parker

Watch it below and after check out the little Q&A we had with him.


How long have you been skating now, and what first got you in to skating?

Playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 made me want a skateboard and I got my first one when I was around 7 years old but I didn’t take to it right away. I was on and off, sometimes not skating for a couple years. It wasn’t until I was 16 I got the skate bug and since then I haven’t stopped.

What was your first proper board?
Birdhouse complete junior size
Any weird rituals/ habits you have with your board?

I always used to do a backside nose blunt stall on the big quarter pipe at my old local to christen my freshies, that’s about it.

Who were your hometown heroes from back in the day?

Jak Tonge was my hometown hero, in fact he probably still is. A lot of inspiration comes from him and many tricks were learned because of that. Massive respect.
You seem to get around all the skateparks in the area, which are your favourites right now?

In my opinion I think most skateparks suck whether it’s bad design or they are always rammed with kids on scooters. But one that I do enjoy is Christchurch, and obviously Milton is a sacred place and will never suck no matter how much the floor hurts when you slam.

Who’s got the best pinch in the game?

On home soil I think Charlie Munro has the best pinch I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing his pinch first hand a lot has been learned from his skating.
Obviously the best pinch is that of Jamie Foy he’s got god tier pinch.

Photos by Kyle Fletcher

Favourite skate videos or parts?

I love Fully Flared and Pretty Sweet. My favourite parts are
Cory Kennedy - B.O.T.S.
Cory Kennedy - Pretty Sweet
Eric Koston – Yeah Right
Marc Johnson - Fully Flared
Jerry Hsu - Bag of Suck
Any Mark Suciu part.

As a Bored of Southsea team rider what are your responsibilities?

Making tea for whoever is in the shop when I swing by.

Who are you favourite skaters local/global?

Local would have to be Jak Tonge and Phil Russell, globally I like a lot skaters mainly ones who like to get pinchy like Foy and Tiago, Franky Villani is up there as well I think Cory Kennedy takes the crown he’s been my favourite for a long time.

How did you get your sponsors?

Luke Parker filmed a video called grey days it was just footage of different parks we’d been to through out one winter. The vid was just sat on YouTube for a while until Tom Sivyour one of the biggest legends I know sent the video to Tom “Smithy” Smith who works at form distribution these are the guys who distribute girl Lakai and Royal, I had a phone call from smithy where he asked if I wanted to ride for girl Lakai and Royal. Four years later I’m still skating for girl and royal but I have recently left Lakai to explore other opportunities and interest.
What you think about skateboarding in the Olympics?

When I first heard that skating was going to be in the Olympics I thought it was cool but as the time has passed and I’ve got older and matured as a skater I’m not into it, There are benefits from skating being in the Olympics but not without the cost of losing a bit of who we are as a culture in the process.

Any pearls of wisdom for the youth?

Being good a skateboarder only gets you so far, being a good person gets you where you need to be.

You have a part coming out want to talk us through it?

Luke Parker and myself have been on a lot of little missions most of the time it was just him and I, and now four years later we have something that resembles a part.
It’s pretty chilling although there are a few tricks in there that I had to battle, Luke went travelling when we were filming it and COVID happened plus we both work full time so that’s why it’s taken this long to film it. All but two spots are with in a hours drive of Pompey. There was a lot I didn’t get around to filming but with our street missions becoming few and far between, some of the footage being four years old and having left Lakai Luke and I decided to call it a day. Hopefully people enjoy it.