Polar Skate Co Summer 2021

Polar Skate Co Summer 2021

Polar Skate Co's collection for Summer 2021 is set to launch on Friday 16th July 2021 and as you would...

Polar Skate Co's collection for Summer 2021 is set to launch on Friday 16th July 2021 and as you would expect there's a bunch of choice new pieces and returning favourites for us to keep looking Euro fresh this Summer. As ever we've  pulled out a handful pieces that we feel you need to take a closer look at. Being the warmer months we have a good selection of graphic and logo t-shirts designs, like the Polar Skate Co Year 2020 Longsleeve or Hoodie with it's dark suicidal man sketch front print, and the Matisse style PSC Circle of Life Tee or Longsleeve. Other strong new designs include the Cut Logo and Mt. Fuji which feature on both tee's and sweats. The PSC Moving Sheep Tee features the classic Polar Fill Logo with a grainy sheep repeat as the background pattern.

In addition to the printed pieces the cut & sew is also really on point with their 90's polo's and half zips a mainstay in any Polar collection, and our favourites in this collection are the PSC Multi Stripe Polo with it's mix of tonal Blue and Off-White fine woven stripes. In addition to that we also have the Polar Stripe Polo and Stripe Zip Neck Sweat, both of which are constructed from the same large weave pique cotton blend material. One of these paired with a pair of baggy pants or oversized shorts and you'll be all set for Summer '21.


Which leads us on nicely to the Polar denim which has been in really high demand over the past few seasons, so popular many of your favourite pro's around the world rocking Polar jeans despite riding for other brands. In the Polar '93 Denim we have a staple Dark Blue and Orange/Black which really subtle pop to them and won't stick around for long. These have a good loose cut to them and perfect if you're dipping you're toes in to baggy jeans but don't wanna go too hard, or if you're going in at the deep end the the Polar Big Boy Jeans and Big Boy Work Pants are the ones for you.


Polar introduced the Big Boy Jeans to their line a good few years ago now but since then their popularity has soared, and although other skate brands have also made baggy pants it's the Polar Big Boys that a lot of skaters are choosing. And quite rightly too, back in the early 90's New Deal and Blind were first to get behind the huge pants and they are still remembered today as the pioneers of that look.  This is why Pontus Alv pays homage to these companies with the embroidered detail above the pocket of the Big Boy Jeans, which echoes how both of those brands signed off their denim back in the day.


Our favourite non-skate related accessory from this drop is the No Complies Towel in Blue, a stunning large beach towel with the iconic Polar No Comply design covering the whole thing. And along with some great socks and caps these sign off the collection, but head to the brand page to shop all Polar Skate Co at Bored of Southsea here.