The Story of China Banks - Thrasher

The Story of China Banks - Thrasher

Watch the new Thrasher documentary about the legendary China Banks spot in S.F

If you've not seen it already, this is a must watch. Thrasher have made a short documentary that tells the story of legendary San Francisco skate spot, China Banks. Starting way back in the late 70's when S.F OG Mike Archimedes first saw it's potential, then running through all of the iconic skaters and tricks that made skateboarding history there. Kicking off with the likes of Mark Gonzales, Natas and Tommy Guerrero in 80's, then Julien Stranger, Phil Shao, John Cardiel and Pat Duffy in the 90's, when things started getting grarly. Leading all the way up to present day, with young rippers including Rowan Zorilla, Evan Smith, Tyler Pacheco, and of course T-Funk, after shutting it down with his epic frontside ollie over the big bench recently. Who knows what the next big thing to go down there will be, but by the way things are going it's gonna be insane. Scroll down to watch in full.

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