Chocolate Skateboards at Bored of Southsea

Chocolate Skateboards

In 1994 only a year after Rick Howard and Mike Carroll started Girl they decided that due to additional riders and personnel that they should make another company, bringing in Keenan Milton, Chico Brenes, Paulo Diaz, Daniel Castillio, Gabriel Rodriguez, Shamil Randle and Ben Sanchez. And once...

again it’s popularity was immediate. With the later addition of Gino Iannucci, Scott Johnston, Marc Johnson and Kenny Anderson they appeared in Las Nueve Vidas De Paco, The Chocolate Tour and Hot Chocolate, as well as the Girl films Goldfish, Yeah Right and Pretty Sweet establishing themselves on the same stellar level as their sister company. And along with celebrating their 20th birthday they’ve also brought in Jerry Hsu, Elijah Berle, Stevie Perez and Raven Tershy to bring in some young blood and keep the company ripping in to the future. 

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Chocolate Skateboards

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