Ace Trucks MFG

Ace Trucks MFG may be the new guys in the skateboard truck world, but they're bringing plenty of heritage with them. Created by skate royalty, Joey Tershy (brother of Nick Tershy A.K.A. Nicky Diamonds, founder of Diamond Supply Co) and Steve Ruge a.k.a. Shrewgy in 2007. With over twenty years truck specific experience between them, the two set out to "create the best performing trucks, skateboarding has ever seen". With the original concept based on an unreleased design that Joey came up with during his time working at Independent Trucks. This eventually becoming ACE’s signature model, which takes its inspiration from classic skateboard truck styles from the 80s and 90s, the Independent Stage III truck in particular. And having established themselves as one of the best skateboard truck manufacturers in the industry, they've now assembled an impressive team of Ace "Pilots" to represent the brand. Featuring the likes of Kevin "Spanky" Long, Julien Stranger, Ronnie Sandoval, Harry Lintell, Alex Olson, Oski, Sage Elsesser, Raven Tershy, Kevin Rodriguez and Mike Arnold.