Adidas Busenitz

Dennis Busenitz professional shoe for Adidas Skateboarding has been the elite of Adidas’s Skateboarding collection for 10+ years, not to mention Dennis’s reign as king of the skate world. The original shoe known now as the ‘Classic’ is a hybrid of classic football boot & early Adidas silhouettes like the Samba & Gazelle just to name a few. It’s football boot style tongue is instantly recognisable especially when it comes to skate shoes. A few years passed with the classic dominating the shelves until the ‘Busenitz Vulc’ was born. A shoe displaying some characteristics of the first shoe but this time with a vulcanised sole unit and a smaller tongue, still the shoe oozing that classic Adidas heritage. The shoe had almost been reborn. Later came the Busenitz ADV which featured a seamless suede upper to prevent ripping/splitting with all the tech in all the right places. Today the latest offering from the Busenitz line is the Busenitz RX (Remix) which is a hybrid from the development stages of the Busenitz legacy. With classic Adidas colourways, premium leather/suede uppers and a T shaped toe on the front, something Adidas have been well recognised for from its history of footwear. The Busenitz line has no sign in stopping and rightly so.