Anti Hero Skateboards

Anti Hero Skateboards was started by Julien Stranger in 1995 as a reaction to feeling that skateboarding had become stale some what, and wanted to create something that embodied what skateboarding was to him. With the backing of Jim Thiebaud and Deluxe Distribution and the likes of John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Frank Gerwer and Andy Roy joining the San Francsico based company, they did exactly what they’d set out to do. Bringing back the D.I.Y to skateboarding, camping out, barbeques, beers and very raw skateboarding, and a big emphasis on fun. After putting out videos like Fucktards, Tent City, Cash Money Vagrant, Destination Unknown, and the collaboration tours with Girl Skateboards ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 1, 2 and 3 their tongue in cheek no bullshit and maximum fun philosophy is showing no signs of getting old. And with the additions of Grant Taylor and Jeff Grosso to the team it’s looking like Juliens original vision is as important today as it was in 1995.