Limosine Skateboards

Limosine Skateboards was born after Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer and fellow team riders left Alex Olson's skate brand Call Me 917 to do their own thing. In December 2021 after months of rumour and online speculation the company was announced to the world with a double page advert for Limosine, in Skate Jawn magazine. This coincided with the release of the brilliant "Paymaster" video, and their first drop of decks and clothing. Most of the board graphics and art direction for Limosine coming from Cyrus himself, with the sick "Snake Pit" and "Lord of Rats" decks among the stand-outs. All boards are printed on BBS MFG/Generator decks, so you're getting rad graphics as well as a great product. Joining Max and Cyrus in the Limosine are fellow 917 alumni Logan Lara, Hugo Boserup, Genesis Evans and Aaron Loreth. With new additions, Karim Callander and Nelly Morville completing the line-up.