Undercover Skatepark Project

"The Undercover Skatepark Project continues to work hard behind the scenes to secure a location to build Portsmouth’s first sheltered wheeled sports facility. 

As we know the skateboarding community of Portsmouth, Southsea & surrounding areas, have no undercover facility to go to. We live somewhere it rains very often and while there are a handful of small skateparks around, none of them can be used when the weather is wet.

Skateboarding has been announced to be an Olympic sport. We aim to build a suitable purpose-built facility for day to day use as well as competitions. A great space for all from grass roots learning through to future Olympian training. 

While we continue with talks, a committee is being formed to work through designs and procedures for the skatepark.  A design team have been appointed and regular meetings are being held with the council to make sure we are continuing to push forward."

 All proceeds from these products go towards the Undercover Skatepark Project.

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