Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards was established in 1996 by Jamie Thomas, beginning
life as the clothing label Zero Division but then changing into a
skateboard hardware board brand after Jamie left Toy Machine to start
his own company. Since then Zero quickly blew up to become one of the
biggest skate brands in the last 20 years, with riders like Chris
Cole, Adrian Lopez, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, John Rattray, and Tommy
Sandoval all having ridden for them at some point. Zero has also been
responsible for some of the most iconic and groundbreaking videos,
such as Thrill of it All, Misled Youth and Dying to Live, epitomizing
gnarly skateboarding from day one. The current Zero Skateboards team
includes an army of rippers including, Chris Wimer, Dane Burman,
Wilton Souza, and Gabriel Summers.