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Adidas Skateboarding - London, Meantime


Adidas Skateboarding's new edit "London, Meantime" see's their global team heading to the British capital on a mission to tear some of our best spots a new one, and they did exactly that. Featuring the considerable talents of Gustav Tønneson, Mark Suciu, Blondey McCoy, Daewon Song, Alex Majerus, Lucas Puig, Marc Johnson, Na-Kel Smith, Benny Fairfax and more. Shop online for Adidas Skateboarding at Bored of Southsea.  

Adi_Skate_ London_Meantime_1Adi_Skate_ London_Meantime_2Adi_Skate_ London_Meantime_3Adi_Skate_ London_Meantime_4Adi_Skate_London_Meantime_5Adi_Skate_London_Meantime_6Adi_Skate_London_Meantime_7Adi_Skate_London_Meantime_8

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