Helas "Paris" Video

Helas "Paris" Video

Don't miss the new video "Paris" from the Hélas crew for Winter '21.

Everyones favourite French skate apparel brand Hélas has just dropped a new video "Paris" to coincide with the release of their second drop from the Helas Winter 2021 collection. As with Drop 1 the focus is once again on comfort and functionality, but that doesn't mean there's any compromise on style. There's gems like the "Ralphy-esque" HHC Horse L/S Striped T-Shirt and HHC Horse 6-Panel Cap, in addition to a range of colours in the staple UMB T-Shirts featuring their OG umberella logo. So be sure to head over to the Helas brand page to take a closer look at the latest arrivals.

The video itself features a whole host of international rippers, such as Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Marek Zaprazny, Thierry Gormit, Gauthier Rouger, Pedro Attenborough, Victor Campillo, Karl Salah, Mikel Vidal, Pierre Leze and William Monerris. Filmed by Augustin Giovannoni & Vincent Jugnet.

Edited by Vincent Jugnet.



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