OBEY Giant 30th Anniversary Collection

OBEY Giant 30th Anniversary Collection

Shepard Fairey's iconic OBEY Giant campaign is celebrating it's 30th anniversary.

Shepard Fairey's iconic OBEY Giant campaign is celebrating it's 30th anniversary, and to mark the occasion they've released a capsule collection featuring some of the most popular graphics over the last three decades. 

Thing's have come along way for the art and skateboarding obsessed young Shepard, who plastered his homemade stickers all around his home town. One of the first images he used was a picture of the wrestler Andre the Giant from a newspaper, which became the "Andre the Giant has a Posse" image that has become synonymous with Obey and Shepard Fairey himself. 


Since then his work and street art has taken influence from diverse subject matter such as propaganda, social change, punk rock, rebellion, marxist theory, environmentalism and much more. Which culminated with his now iconic "HOPE" image of Barack Obama for his 2008 presidential campaign. 


The 30th anniversary collection contains a selection of classic Obey designs on a mix of t-shirts and hoodies, like the Obey Pole 30 Years Tee and Hoodie, Obey 2 Faces 30 Years Tee and Hoodie and Icon Face 30 Years Tee. All of the designs come in neutral colours which showcases their clean, simple and impactful artwork best. 


Here's to many more years of disruption and disorder.