Undercover Skatepark Project - January 2020 Update

Undercover Skatepark Project - January 2020 Update

As we're in the full grip of winter what better time to post an update on the Undercover Skatepark Project,...

As we're in the full grip of winter what better time to post an update on the Undercover Skatepark Project, the ongoing local project to provide skateboarders in Portsmouth and the surrounding area with a dry all year round facility they can use. The original idea for the USP was to build a skatepark under the Rudmore Roundabout flyover at the bottom of the M275, but after several years of discussion and evaluation it was decided that the air quality was too poor to consider as the location. 

But all is not lost, the Undercover Skatepark Project team have identified an alternative site in the North of Portsmouth to house the skatepark and in many ways this new site is a big improvement on the original choice. They still have a few hurdles to overcome before looking at signing a lease, but things are looking promising and we'll be sure to shout about it once more is confirmed. 

As most of you know this summer will see skateboarding introduced as an Olympic event and this proposed facility can be an incredible springboard for local talent in the South, as well as the local children of Portsmouth at a grassroots level. USP will be a purpose built skate facility for everyday use as well as competitions, featuring a street plaza and state of the art skatepark. 

A committee has been formed to work through designs and procedures for the skatepark and a design team has been appointed, there's regular meeting's with the council and our 3rd party. But in the meantime the next step is to really focus on fundraising, there's a Crowdfunder launching later in the year, events are being planned and will be advertised when details are finalised. There's also fundraising projects with local businesses like the recent collaboration with Southsea Coffee and Signature Clothing, as well as the USP Skate Academy that offers skate lessons for all abilities and skill levels. You can buy lesson vouchers through us in-store at Bored, and can receive 10% off when you buy a block of five lessons or alternatively when you buy a complete set-up at Bored of Southsea.