Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop was established in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender. At a time when nearly the entire industry was in California they decided that they wanted to base Alien Workshop in Dayton, Ohio, and have a brand that could be progressive and innovate whilst still coming from the Midwest. In it's time the company have had countless legends riding for them, like Josh Kalis, Danny Way, Jason Dill, A.V.E, Anthony Pappalardo, Omar Salazar, Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett, Heath Kirchart, Arto Saari, Grant Taylor and of course Dylan Rieder. As well as some of the most stylish and memorable skate videos, with Memory Screen, Timecode, Photosynthesis and Mind Field. As well as the series of Splicing Life edits, that are another must see.