FA & Adidas "Hollywood Skate Jam" Video

FA & Adidas "Hollywood Skate Jam" Video

Check out the carnage from the FA & Adidas skate jam in Hollywood.

Fucking Awesome teamed up with Adidas to throw a skate jam of epic proportion in a parking lot, in the middle of Hollywood. For this all-star go for broke invitational event, Dill & AVE constructed a makeshift street course, with an old cop car taking centre stage. Heavy hitters such as Grant Taylor, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Jake Anderson, Elijah Berle, Taylor Kirby, Tyson Peterson and Tyler Pacheco all showed up, and went big for the crowd of kids that turned up to join in the mayhem.

Watch the full edit below, or check all the photos from the day on the Thrasher site.

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