Jenkem - The First 10 Years Book

Jenkem - The First 10 Years Book

Jenkem celebrate a decade in existence with the brilliant "The First 10 Years" Book.

Jenkem "The First 10 Years Book"

Over the last decade Jenkem has grown to be the go-to leftfield media source in skateboarding, with their original and humorous take on interviews, articles and content. It's no wonder their popularity grew quickly, with journalistic masterpieces like Can It Skate? Gucci Loafers, Street League...On Acid, Kanye West Learns to Ollie, and Discussing Skateboarding With Werner Herzog.


To celebrate 10 years of Jenkem, they dug through their archives, sifted through hard drives, and checked under our mattresses to pull the greatest hits, misses, and almosts. Altogether, it becomes this commemorative printed photo gallery, filled with behind-the-scenes flicks, drunken memories, and random office trinkets, collected over their first 10 years in operation.


So now, after many years of telling stories about other people, other events and other companies, now they finally share some of their own. The final product is an 8.5” x 11” collectible magazine, 160 pages in length, limited to 500 copies, only sold exclusively in skate shops around the world.  Once they are gone, that’s it. We're really looking forward to what they're gonna do over the next 10. Not bad for a company named after a mythical poop drug.


Jenkem "The First 10 Years" Book.